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AR Sniper Elite

AR Sniper Elite


Product Parameter:

  • Brand: Jump Dog Animation
  • Name:AR Virtual Reality Sniper Elite Shooting
  • Size: L3000*2400*W2500
  • Power: 2000W/220V( Voltage can be inverted to the one of exported country's)
  • Weight:200kgs

The Story of this game:

This is a justice game adapted from a actual event, the Mekong River Massacre. In October 5, 2011, two fleets named Hua Ping and Yu Xing 8, had been attacked in the Golden Triangle of the Mekong River, and 13 crew members were killed. After 7 months of tracking, eventually the SWAT captured the tragedy maker, big drug Nuo Kang, and destroyed his stronghold. This game will take th players back to Mekong River to rescue the hostages and capture all the drug dealers. Are you guys ready for this tough war?


-VR technology: you can have immersive experience without using helmet, connection, sanitay worries.
-Team work with different angles supported for max 6 players
-Each gun can control the dynamite effect, sound, aiming and its elevation, which produces fabulous experience.
-9 different scenes with different levels/modes.
-The game refers to the focus function of the SLR camera.It's easy to shoot the enemy for it can aim the target automatically.
-AI function applied. The more players, the more enemies and harder.


AR Sniper Elite New Technology Virtual Reality Shooting Game Machine for Shopping Mall

AR shooting game machine

Product Name

AR Shooting Game Machine Sniper Elite VR Game

Model No.



Jump Dog

Product Size:





New Technology Product,AR game, VR Gun Game



I/O System

Coin Operated/Key in/out


9Levels,27 game scene


 I5 CPU/Graphic Card1050TI

Area Required











1 player


School,GYM,Game Center,Amusement Park,Shopping Mall,Indoor Game Room,Play Ground, Family Entertainment Center


1 Year


Sea Shipping;Packing:Soft packing normally,can also choose wood frame.


1. Naked eye VR technology: There are both VR immersive game experience, and there is no trouble with VR wearing helmet, connection, sanitation, and multi-host.

2, support up to 6 people in the same scene from different perspectives of the same group of operations, like online games, but no need to network without transmission delay games.

3, each gun position can be independently output, dynamic, independent sound source, control target zoom in and out, shooting level of electric lifting, etc., so that players feel the unparalleled hardware experience.

4, the game has nine scenes in all parts, each scene has different levels of difficulty, each with its own characteristics, the emergence of several major BOSS has enhanced the impact of the game and the sense of substitution.

5, the game mode is diverse, there are bullet mode, there is a time mode, there are bullet time-limited mode, Shaoguan mode, you can choose one of different business locations.

6, the game cites the SLR camera's focus function (highlighted target, blurred background), increase the adsorption function: after the magnifying glass is about to circle the target, the cursor can automatically aim at the target, and when the target moves in a small range, even if the gun does not move, The cursor also moves along the target's small range, helping the player to hit the target easily. Let the player clear the target faster and more clearly.

7, the game has joined the smashing, double kill, even kill, super far headshot, mobile headshots and so on a variety of super competitive and enhanced game play.

8, the game cites intelligent AI, when the number of players is more, the number of enemies also appear more, the enemy's running position is also more intelligent and changeable.

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