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Family Entertainment Center Equipment

Plan and types of family entertainment center equipment:

If you want your indoor playground business prosperous, it means that you not only attract children to play but also induce parents to consume here. Family entertainment center equipment should cover kids soft play as well as parents play and leisure area. 

Adult arcade games, like Prize Machine Video Arcade Machine, Ticket Redemption, Claw Machine, Vending Machine, Indoor Sports Game Machine, Amusement Ride, Arcade Simulators are important family entertainment center equipment.  All these play games are very cool appearance and have the shining LED light, which will easily grasp parent’s attention and attract them to try and play.

Cafe room is also a very necessity. Many parents will stay there for one hour even more time. They can listen to music, read a book, and deal with some work. Children and parents do not disturb each other and enjoy their own fun time.

Many investors add Massage Chair as a new family entertainment center equipment. It is the most relax and relax space for parents, it is their favorite. You can imagine that your kid is having fun in the play center while you are treated perfect massage aside. It is really a great idea for both parents and kids.

Arcade Game Room / FEC / Family Fun Center / Location Based Entertainment Consultation  

Planning, designing and building a successful Family Entertainment Center (FEC), Fun Center, Arcade, Theme Park, Amusement Park facility is never
a small undertaking, and one that should never be attempted without obtaining professional advice.

Jump Dog Animation would provide you series service from machine selection, floor plan layout, 3d rendering to machine installation and testing if needed. One stop site planning service for your game center.


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