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Drill Madman

Drill Madman


Product Parameter:

  • Brand: Jump Dog Animation
  • Name:Coin Operated Toy Vending Drill Madman Key Master Skill Gift Game Machine
  • Size:L1120*W860*H2000
  • Power:180W/220V( Voltage can be inverted to the one of exported country's)
  • Weight:200kgs
  • Material: Blister+Metal

How to play?

In the electric drill madman game, the player's goal is to stop the putter in the proper position, so that the putter can smoothly enter the gift hole and get the gift. The rocker on the left side of the machine can move the push rod in the horizontal direction, and the right button moves the push rod in the vertical direction. After the position is determined, the drill bit on the push rod starts to rotate, and the gift hole can be smoothly entered into the gift hole.


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key master

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